• Oficcial name: República Oriental del Uruguay
  • Location: South America
  • Capital: Montevideo
  • Surface Area: 176.215 Km2, 95% of the territory has soil suitable for agriculture and livestock activities
  • Population (2015): 3.431.555
  • Population Growth (2015): 0.4% annual
  • Per Capita GDP (2011): U$S 13,861
  • Currency: Uruguayan peso $
  • Literacy: 98%
  • Life Expectancy at birth: 77 years
  • Form of Government: Democratic republic with presidential system
  • Political Divisions: 19 departaments
  • Time Zone: GMT - 3
  • Official Language: Spanish

Uruguay it's

a gently undulating landscape, irrigated by hundreds of rivers and streams, where the world´s most select livestock gazes. A combination of rich land for agriculture and vibrant, fast-growing forest areas. All these ecosystems coexist in natural harmony, supported by the hand of man. The Uruguayan society has been able to create a traditionally democratic and culturally cosmopolitan community, whit the highest human development indices in Latin America.

Uruguay is open to investments and new ideas, working intelligently to strengthen its strategic role. The country´s geography provides a natural access to one of the wealthiest regions of the continent. And that is why Uruguay continually improves its port facilities, roadways and airports.

A highly educated workforce complements the country´s logistics capacity. Uruguay is a continental leader in the burgeoning field of information technology, whit an active government policy to support innovation.

Industrial activity is growing in very diverse industries such as dairy products, auto parts, construction, etc. and it is driven by the spectacular growth in foreign investments that come seeking legal certainty, clear rules, macroeconomic stability and access to markets.
Capitalizing on the high educational level of its workforce, Uruguay acts as a global service platform that is increasingly important for large international companies.

At this stage, the country faces vital changes to strengthen its international position and therefore is continually updating its legal framework and modernizing the financial an tax system, successfully promoting investments in strategic areas, revolutionizing its education system, opening new markets worldwide for its products and reinforcing its growing economic and political ties with the region.

Tourists entry by origin 2015

Argentina 1.706.389 57,6 %
Brazil 429.098 14,5 %
Chile 51.302 1,7 %
Paraguay 41.698 1,4 %
Uruguay 402.464 13,6 %
Others 331.440 11,2 %
Source: El País

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