About Us

Kraudal Trading Company S.A. is a long experienced organization in Uruguay that operates in the import, distribution and sales of imported products in the Duty Free and Tax Reduced Segment, and also Domestic market, providing also logistics and commercial services to represented Companies, to customers established in our Region.

Its Commercial activities started representing in exclusivity Seagram's products and its affiliates in Duty Free and Domestic Market since 1974. The development of those products increased strongly with the Free Zones Law approved in 1991. Motivated by that increased activity, Seagram's decided to start Corporate activities by its own in the country in late 1997.

After Seagram´s Portfolio release, our Company built again a very interesting Portfolio in the following years. In 1996, Kraudal began negotiations with “Heineken Export Group”, and after twenty years of a reliable business relationship our company distributes its products in the duty-free segment. Accompanying the steady growth of Heineken, we have gradually added other excellent brands of the group as Amstel, Tecate, Sol, XX Lager, Strongbow, Moretti, Murphy´s, among others.

As a perfect complement for the Beverage business, Kraudal incorporated wine partners to its Portafolio. It is so since 1994 have been incorporated VIÑA CARTA VIEJA and BISQUERTT Wineries from Chile, later ZONIN 1821 from different regions of Italy and finally the Californian WENTE.

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